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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Who's Afraid of the Big, Bad Santa...

Christmas is my favorite holiday, and out of both of my children Gyllian has inherited my love of Santa. From the time she was an infant she loved Santa Clause. I remember her second Christmas right after she turned one, we went to Rock City. When we got to Santa I was afraid she might freak out. This Santa looked really annoyed (he had a HUGE group of teenagers just come through). When it was our turn,I handed Gyllian over and she just stared at him. She couldn't take her eyes off of him. The first picture came out looking like Gyllian was whispering in his ear. It took us about five minutes of dancing around to get her to look at the camera for a split second. When it was all over, Santa told us she was the best child he had seen all day! He didn't want to give her back!!

Yes, I still believe in Santa Clause as does my grandmother. I believe in the spirit of giving...not just presents, but love and understanding. That being son, Sam, HATES Santa Clause! He loves Christmas, but HATES Santa. He tolerates him at a distance, but if he has to get close to him he completely freaks out. This year I put up a 60 inch singing and dancing Santa Clause (yeah, I'm a bit obsessed). Sam is fine when it is off, but you turn it on and he bolts! Don't believe me??? Check this out...

I know it was probably mean, but come know you're laughing!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Let the Stress Begin...

My husband is back out to sea, and things couldn't be worse! This has been the hardest underway so far...even harder than their deployment! From the time my husband has left, my kids have turned into strangers. Sam was pretty much potty-trained, and now he has been peeing in his pants. He knows what he's supposed to do, but just hasn't done it. Gyllian has started crying at the drop of a hat. She'll be laughing and playing one minute, and crying the next. I am trying to hold on to my sanity, but it's getting harder by the day. I know it's because they miss their dad. Before the deployment they were used to their dad being gone all the time. He would be home for about a week at a time, and then be gone for 2-7 weeks at a time. They've had the past almost four months straight with him home every day, and now he's gone again. It's been hard on all of us. To take our minds off of everything we are going to decorate the house for Christmas. We are cleaning from top to bottom and putting out everything that puts us in the Christmas mood, and brings back previous Christmas' memories.

Christmas 2007

Christmas 2007

Christmas 2008
I know this Christmas will be great, and my hubby will be home to celebrate it with us once again.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

From Baby to Big Boy

My son, Sam has exceeded my expectations of raising a boy. When I was pregnant with him and we found out he was a boy I heard it all! "You know, boys are much harder to potty-train than girls!" "Boys develop slower than girls." Yada, yada, yada!

As a baby, Sam was all snuggles and smiles! He was sweet, layed back, and super easy! He even was a great nurser! (If only my milk would have lasted longer than two months.) He was putting himself to sleep by five months, and got rid of the binky on his own by 13 months. I would wish a baby like this to everyone!

Now don't get me wrong...when he hit two it was worse than terrible! It was catastrophic!!! He kept me on my toes, and that's putting it mildly. He grew a short fuse, he shaved part of his eyebrow once while I was cleaning the tub, and while his sister was taking a bath one time, he decided to jump in fully clothed! I'm telling ya, I wanted to pull my hair out!

Even with all of the naughty things going on there is one thing that overshadows all of it! He is potty-trained! Yes, I said it! POTTY-TRAINED!!! I bought him a potty in June, and by July he was peeing in it. It took a couple of months, but eventually he started pooping in it. I went to Papoose (a natural maternity/baby store in Norwich, CT) and picked him up some "Imse Vimse" training pants. He is now a pro! He even takes them off when he has to go and puts them back on when he's done! Now what's so amazing about that is he is only two. My daughter, Gyllian wouldn't even sit on a potty until she was three and a half. So, the moral of the story is don't judge a book by what everyone else tells you! Way to go, Sam!!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Head Games...

It's been a while since I last posted anything on here. It's been crazy hectic with Halloween to get ready for, Kevin's next departure, and on top of everything the car has failed it's emissions test! Something is wrong with our fuel sensor, and it could cost $75 to $550 to repair. On top of that, Connecticut says we owe them two years of vehicle taxes! Because my husband is in the military there is an afidavit we fill out to be exempt, but they are saying that we don't qualify! Kevin went down to the office to try and figure this out, and they don't even have any of this in their records. Talk about a major headache! All of this and my husband leave within the next few days. They were supposed to leave this past Tuesday, but now who knows when! It's hard to prepare and say your goodbyes when you don't know when your husband is leaving. It's a HUGE head game! I can handle him being gone (it's not a very long underway), but I can't handle not knowing when. I guess I shouldn't complain. I know wives who haven't seen their husbands (other than Skype) for almost seven months. Now THAT'S a head game!!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ups and Downs...

I never thought I would be a Navy wife. My husband talked about joining the Navy before we even got engaged. I wouldn't hear of it! The thought of him leaving me alone just did not fly with me. It would take five years for him to win me over with the idea. When he approached me one final time with the idea I was in school, pregnant with our second child, and trying to potty-train our two-year-old daughter. I could see in his eyes that he wanted to do this very badly so I agreed. In the past almost three years I have seen my husband thrive in this new career of his. I've never been more proud. With this new life comes new challenges. There came long separations, moving to a new place, and more separations. You learn that when they come home it takes some time for everyone to readjust to "a normal life". You have to get used to living with them again and vice versa. You get so used to doing things by yourself that when they return you have to get used to having help again. It can be a very frustrating process, but one that comes with a lot of growing and understanding. In the end you realize how strong you and your family really are, and learn to never underestimate that strength.
With Daddy...
Without Daddy...
Whatever the situation...we are and will always be a family.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Never believed in "terrible-twos" until now...

Before Kevin came home, I imagined that once he did return I would be invisible to Sam. I figured that once daddy came home all Sam would want to do is hang out with him. BOY WAS I WRONG!!! He clung to me even more! Not only has he become clingy, screaming is his permenant volume and temper tantrums are his new conversations. Gyllian never went through this so it's all new to me. My sweet, cuddly baby boy has turned into this loud, almost-unmanageable two-year-old child that is almost a stranger to me.

And on top of it all...he does not want to eat! I understand it is a phase that most two-year-olds go through, but Kevin is almost at his wits end. He can't understand why Sam, who used to eat anything and everything, doesn't want to eat most everything. I just take a deep breath and remind myself that this, too, shall pass. Now don't get me wrong, even with all of his tantrums and shrieks, I am still absolutely in love with my son. He still gives me those cute little looks that can, almost, charm his way out of trouble.

I guess all I can do now is hope that three is better, that he'll just wake up one morning and be my little snuggly boy again. Not that I expect that, but a girl can hope!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Getting back into the swing of things...

So Kevin has been home for a couple of weeks now, and we are just now starting to get readjusted. When Kevin leaves for longer periods of time, the kids and I have to adjust to life without daddy. My brain goes on auto-pilot, and I try to keep them too busy to be sad (which only works for a while). Then when Kevin comes home we have to readjust to having daddy around. I get so used to doing things on my own and in my own way that when he's here and tries to do it his way, it frustrates the crap out of me!!! The whole process take a few weeks. It has been nice though. We had to take Gyllian to a pediatric pulmonologist, and I didn't have to drive! : ) It was nice having my other half with me when they confirmed she had asthma, and on top of that she has reflux. It's always difficult (for him and me) to send that type of information to him by email. Moving on...

We have had a lot of fun the past few weeks. We've been to the beach...

We have gone to Mystic Village...

We've even been to the pool (the one I vowed never to take them to until their daddy returned!)...

So needless to say, we have had a lot of fun. Soon, daddy goes back to work and we have to get back into the daily grind. It's better than him being away, though. : )

Sunday, July 26, 2009

He's Home!!!

At last! Kevin is home!!! It was a wonderful homecoming! I don't think I can put into words just how wonderful!!! But I think this just might say it all...

Like I said, NO WORDS! : )

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It's Been A While...

Sorry it's been so long since I've written. It's just that I have been so busy the last few weeks getting ready for the return of the hubby. On top of that, my mother, grandmother, and grandfather are coming today! It's been so hectic around here. Once all the hooplah wears off, I will write again. Until then...

Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Past Few Weeks...

It's been crazy hectic around here lately. I have been participating with the FRG (Family Readiness Group) a lot, and it's been loads of fun. We've been preparing for our husbands' homecoming and it's really coming along. I ordered a "Welcome Home" banner for Kevin, and it arrived Monday. I am so excited! I have so many surprises instore for him. Moving on...

Gyllian has been back to the doctor yet again for her coughing. This time we found a doctor who actually cares about what's going on. He asked a ton of questions, took his time with her, and ordered blood tests to double check for allergies. The allergist did a scratch test back in March, but she was on Singulair and it could have caused a false negative.

We went back Tuesday and the blood tests were negative for allergies. That did not satisfiy the doctor. He has referred her to a Pulminologist to have her lungs tested. I am so happy to have found this doctor! It is so frustrating to keep going to different doctors only to be dismissed. We will finally once and for all find out what is going on after a year of dealing with this.

Monday we went to the Splash park and had a blast! Gyllian and Sam played for hours. For some reason, Sam was a little clingy to me. I think Kevin being gone so long is really messing with him. I think Sam is afraid that if I leave him even for a minute, I won't come back. It's so hard to explain to a two-year-old that daddy is coming back, and that I am not going to leave him forever. As I was laying out in the sun, I felt Sam climb on to my chair and laid his head on my butt. It was rather funny.

Last Thursday we went to the beach with Kristi, Kodi, Megan, and her little one, Justin. We had a blast. The kids played while we enjoyed partially sunny skies.

Last night was my first night out without the kids since before Kevin left. It was much needed! I went out with my friends, Hannah and Candice, to enjoy some Olive Garden followed by the movie "The Proposal". It was a great evening. So this should catch me up for now. I am missing Kevin and can't wait for his return. Not much longer!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day...

Just curious...Since I am playing mommy and daddy right now, do I get to celebrate Father's Day for myself? I would love to spoil my hubby, but seeing that he is gone and I can't even talk to him on the phone, should I celebrate it for myself? NAH!!! I celebrate Kevin!!!! Even though he isn't here right now his thoughts always are. He loves being a daddy and misses these rug-rats terribly. He is the best daddy! Gyllian told me today that she wishes daddy was home because she is tired of just being with me. I told her, "Honey, I wish daddy was here too because I'm tired of it being just me!" Kevin is protecting our wonderful country and deserves to be celebrated everyday! I love you, honey!!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Today was the last day of school for Gyllian. I have to say I am so excited! We now have the freedom to sleep in, have adventures, or just be bums. I have so many plans for if only the weather would cooperate! It has been raining almost non-stop for the past two weeks, and the temperature barely makes it to 70 degrees. It's driving me crazy! Last weekend my friend, Chandra, had a wonderful get-together. Her oldest son, Alex, created a field day for the kids. Let me tell you, he had it planned to a "T". There was a scavenger hunt:

There was a game of "Drip, Drip, Drop" (kind of like "Duck, Duck, Goose", but with water).

There was also a three-legged race:

So many fun activities that I can't fit all of them in this blog. My children had a blast and were completely worn out. It was such a fun day! The week went on and school was wrapping up.

Today Sam and I had a playdate with some of the FRG (Family Readiness Group) moms and their children. We had a great time!

We also worked on the "Welcome Home, Daddy banner". It is going to be so cute when it is finished! It feels so nice to be a part of something, and being productive. Now if only Kevin were home. I have been receiving emails on a regular basis. They really keep me going. We are making plans for when he gets back, and I'm really excited! It will be so nice to be a whole family once again!

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Not much has happened in the last few days. My mouth is getting better, the house is clean, and the kids are driving me crazy (that's not unusual). It has rained non-stop for the past few days, and they are call for more! I am so sick of the rain. I am missing Kevin more and more. The nights are the hardest. It's usually after I put the kids to bed and I'm all alone. That is usually our time together to just relax or talk about our day. This weekend is going to busy, so that should make for some good posts. One of the big things that I can't wait for is one of Kevin's big bear hugs. I always feel better just from one of his hugs. Another thing is that my mom is coming to visit is July. That will be fun. But I have to say the bear hug is number one.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Pain Followed by Relief

I haven't written in a few days, and it's all because of the severe jaw pain that I have been dealing with. My wisdom teeth need to be taken out so I'm used to having some jaw pain every once in a while. This was four straight days of excruciating jaw pain! I would have rathered gone through drug-free child birth than deal with that! So yesterday (at the urging of my friend, Hannah) I called the dentist and he had me come in. He looked and said, "Just let me pull this top wisdom tooth out and you should finally have relief. With the help of the laughing gas and mucho Novicane, the wisdom tooth was out before I knew it. Finally....Relief!!!! Of course now I look like a chipmunk.

And this is all I have wanted to eat:

It hasn't been totally terrible the past couple of days though. Friday evening I took another shot at baking brownies, and succeeded. The kids of course licked the batter.

Another great thing is that I've been able to talk to Kevin on the phone. It was a huge surprise! He got to see another far away place, and I can't wait to see the pictures. He is back out to sea now, and it will be a while before I get to hear his voice again, but time seems to be speeding up a little bit. Before you know it...he'll be home! I can't wait!