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Friday, August 28, 2009

Never believed in "terrible-twos" until now...

Before Kevin came home, I imagined that once he did return I would be invisible to Sam. I figured that once daddy came home all Sam would want to do is hang out with him. BOY WAS I WRONG!!! He clung to me even more! Not only has he become clingy, screaming is his permenant volume and temper tantrums are his new conversations. Gyllian never went through this so it's all new to me. My sweet, cuddly baby boy has turned into this loud, almost-unmanageable two-year-old child that is almost a stranger to me.

And on top of it all...he does not want to eat! I understand it is a phase that most two-year-olds go through, but Kevin is almost at his wits end. He can't understand why Sam, who used to eat anything and everything, doesn't want to eat most everything. I just take a deep breath and remind myself that this, too, shall pass. Now don't get me wrong, even with all of his tantrums and shrieks, I am still absolutely in love with my son. He still gives me those cute little looks that can, almost, charm his way out of trouble.

I guess all I can do now is hope that three is better, that he'll just wake up one morning and be my little snuggly boy again. Not that I expect that, but a girl can hope!

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