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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Who's Afraid of the Big, Bad Santa...

Christmas is my favorite holiday, and out of both of my children Gyllian has inherited my love of Santa. From the time she was an infant she loved Santa Clause. I remember her second Christmas right after she turned one, we went to Rock City. When we got to Santa I was afraid she might freak out. This Santa looked really annoyed (he had a HUGE group of teenagers just come through). When it was our turn,I handed Gyllian over and she just stared at him. She couldn't take her eyes off of him. The first picture came out looking like Gyllian was whispering in his ear. It took us about five minutes of dancing around to get her to look at the camera for a split second. When it was all over, Santa told us she was the best child he had seen all day! He didn't want to give her back!!

Yes, I still believe in Santa Clause as does my grandmother. I believe in the spirit of giving...not just presents, but love and understanding. That being son, Sam, HATES Santa Clause! He loves Christmas, but HATES Santa. He tolerates him at a distance, but if he has to get close to him he completely freaks out. This year I put up a 60 inch singing and dancing Santa Clause (yeah, I'm a bit obsessed). Sam is fine when it is off, but you turn it on and he bolts! Don't believe me??? Check this out...

I know it was probably mean, but come know you're laughing!

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