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Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Past Few Weeks...

It's been crazy hectic around here lately. I have been participating with the FRG (Family Readiness Group) a lot, and it's been loads of fun. We've been preparing for our husbands' homecoming and it's really coming along. I ordered a "Welcome Home" banner for Kevin, and it arrived Monday. I am so excited! I have so many surprises instore for him. Moving on...

Gyllian has been back to the doctor yet again for her coughing. This time we found a doctor who actually cares about what's going on. He asked a ton of questions, took his time with her, and ordered blood tests to double check for allergies. The allergist did a scratch test back in March, but she was on Singulair and it could have caused a false negative.

We went back Tuesday and the blood tests were negative for allergies. That did not satisfiy the doctor. He has referred her to a Pulminologist to have her lungs tested. I am so happy to have found this doctor! It is so frustrating to keep going to different doctors only to be dismissed. We will finally once and for all find out what is going on after a year of dealing with this.

Monday we went to the Splash park and had a blast! Gyllian and Sam played for hours. For some reason, Sam was a little clingy to me. I think Kevin being gone so long is really messing with him. I think Sam is afraid that if I leave him even for a minute, I won't come back. It's so hard to explain to a two-year-old that daddy is coming back, and that I am not going to leave him forever. As I was laying out in the sun, I felt Sam climb on to my chair and laid his head on my butt. It was rather funny.

Last Thursday we went to the beach with Kristi, Kodi, Megan, and her little one, Justin. We had a blast. The kids played while we enjoyed partially sunny skies.

Last night was my first night out without the kids since before Kevin left. It was much needed! I went out with my friends, Hannah and Candice, to enjoy some Olive Garden followed by the movie "The Proposal". It was a great evening. So this should catch me up for now. I am missing Kevin and can't wait for his return. Not much longer!

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