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Monday, June 8, 2009

Pain Followed by Relief

I haven't written in a few days, and it's all because of the severe jaw pain that I have been dealing with. My wisdom teeth need to be taken out so I'm used to having some jaw pain every once in a while. This was four straight days of excruciating jaw pain! I would have rathered gone through drug-free child birth than deal with that! So yesterday (at the urging of my friend, Hannah) I called the dentist and he had me come in. He looked and said, "Just let me pull this top wisdom tooth out and you should finally have relief. With the help of the laughing gas and mucho Novicane, the wisdom tooth was out before I knew it. Finally....Relief!!!! Of course now I look like a chipmunk.

And this is all I have wanted to eat:

It hasn't been totally terrible the past couple of days though. Friday evening I took another shot at baking brownies, and succeeded. The kids of course licked the batter.

Another great thing is that I've been able to talk to Kevin on the phone. It was a huge surprise! He got to see another far away place, and I can't wait to see the pictures. He is back out to sea now, and it will be a while before I get to hear his voice again, but time seems to be speeding up a little bit. Before you know it...he'll be home! I can't wait!

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