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Monday, May 11, 2009

Just Another Monday...

So, I have decided that I am going to try to write everyday that my husband is gone. What better way to document our time for him to read when he returns. It will be a lot of regular day to day life, but we will definitely have a lot of fun. Today started like any other Monday. We got up a quarter to seven (thanks to Sam), and got Gyllian ready for school. Since it was a beautiful day, we walked. I came home, worked out (while Sam had his morning snack), and got cleaned up so I could get on with the rest of my day. I put Sam down for a nap right before noon. I put my headphones on and got to cleaning. I had so much energy today and what better way to use it than to get our house spic and span.

As I cleaned, our cat enjoyed the sun coming through the window.

Time flew. Next thing I know it's almost time to go to the bus stop, and Sam is still sleeping. He took a thee hour nap! Wow! We went outside to join our friends when this rediculous clump of idiotic cars met our eyes. Last time I checked, they are called sideWALKS not sidePARKS! That is one of my biggest pet peeves.

We head down to the bus stop to get Gyllian. Everyday is the same thing. Our children think that it's a race to get home. Sam has very short legs, but they move pretty fast. I love to watch our children enjoy each other...even during the simplest of tasks such as walking home from the bus stop.

As soon as we got home, time sped up. Next thing I know it's time to start dinner. I decided to try and make it a bit fun. I mixed bow tie, penne, and spiral pastas together instead of just boring spaghetti noodles. Gyllian ate it right up; Sam didn't buy it. Sam goes through these phases where he doesn't want to eat meals. He wants to snack, which I know is normal. Kevin on the other hand can't stand it. My husband loves food. He loves to cook, he loves to eat...the kitchen is his domain. So when Sam goes through these phases, it drives Kevin crazy. After dinner, Gyllian decided to do her school project, which is to cut out and color a butterfly for the month of May.

Next thing I know, it's bedtime. I had to chase down Sam to put his pajamas on.

I won of course!

Now that the house is quiet, I have time to think about the many days ahead. If they can go as fast as today, we'll be all set. I can't wait for the hot weather to come! If you come knocking...we won't be here. We'll be at the beach! Every passing day, I know that we'll get through this separation. Our children are resiliant, and just trying to keep up with them makes my day go by quicker.

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