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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

And the Waiting Game Begins...

So, my husband is now in a far away place, and I am waiting to hear from him. This is harder than waiting for him to come home. I haven't told my kids because they would be bugging me about it non-stop, but anyways...yesterday was Gyllian's school's Arts & Writing Celebration. We walked up to the school and saw her art and writing projects she has been working on. (Yes, kindergarteners are reading and writing.) She made a beautiful butterfly.

She also did a very cute frog project.

She showed me where they hung her home project for the month of May.

We went into the classroom and looked at more of her writing projects. It amazed me watching and listening to my baby girl read them to me on her own.

I'm sure I was beaming with the pride that I was feeling. It's amazing to me that I was there when she came into this world, and now I'm watching her grow and learn. Five years has gone by way to fast.

After that we strolled the halls looking at more artwork and writing projects. We also were able to enjoy a cookie while we did.

It was a good day. Today, we walked to school, and then Sam and I went and walked with our friends Stacy, Joey, and Maryna. We walked a whopping three miles! We hung out with our friends for a little while after, and then went home so that Sam could have a nap. Then we walked to go pick Gyllian up from school. Needless to say, I'm exhausted! Now I am alone and waiting. This is the typical life of a Navy wife and of Navy brats. There is a lot of waiting. But we have a busy schedule tomorrow and for the rest of the time Kevin will be gone. Let's hope time speeds up.

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